April 01, 2020


At Sanlamere we take our commitment to the environment very seriously.

After all, that's why we were credited as the world's first importer and distributor set-up solely to search the globe for unique and innovative energy and water saving products for your home or commercial setting. We are critically aware of the benefits of sustainable practices in the manufacturing process, that benefit the ultimate water saving or energy saving attributes of our bathroom product ranges.

Our very special Caroma Profile 5 integrated toilet suite and hand basin is a perfect example of everything we do. From Caroma's world leading design and build processes, through our investment in energy credits offsetting transport costs and the Profile 5's own unique water recycling function and measured, reduced flow tapware, together with the very highest build quality - meaning a much longer life cycle and reduced recycling costs, Sanlamere and the Profile 5 are perfect partners in changing the way we think in the bathroom.