In The Media

Sanlamere's innovative products are capturing the attention of the media and key industry publications. Below is a brief selection of clippings for you to download, from a variety of publications:

Selfbuilder & Homemaker, July 2008
Published in: Smart Installer Supplement, 2008 In Brief: Featuring the IXL Tastic's low running costs of just 3p per day, yet extracting up to 70 litres of air per second. Download this clipping .  more
Move or Improve, June 2008
Published in: Move or Improve, June 2008 In Brief: Introducing the amazing Caroma profile 5 toilet as an outstanding Eco Innovation. Download this clipping .  more
Selfbuilder & Homemaker, May 2008
Published in: Selfbuilder & Homemaker, May 2008 In Brief: An advertising feature on the Caroma Profile 5. Download this clipping .  more
Housebuilder & Developer, May 2008
Published in: Housebuilder & Developer, May 2008 In Brief: Further information on the award-winning Caroma Profile™ 5, which saves up to 70% of the water usage of a standard flush toilet, thanks to its dual flush system. It saves space, too, which can often be at a premium... more
Housebuilder and Developer, April 2008
Published in: Housebuilder and Developer, April 2008 In Brief: An introduction to fantastic Caroma 5 water-saving toilet and a review of the great benefits it offers developers looking for sustainable solutions. Download this clipping .  more