April 01, 2020

What we do

WaterSanlamere explores the world, searching for innovative, quality water and energy saving bathroom products.

Once we locate it, we test it. We examine the product, the manufacturer and their environmental credentials. Once we are satisfied that we have something genuine to offer, we bring it home, then we test it some more. Meeting Industry standards is essential, naturally, but there's little point in offering for sale a product that meets all the essential requirements for compliance if it doesn't function as its supposed to, doesn't save you money, doesn't play a part in reducing water and energy consumption and doesn't excite the imagination. That's why we'll never offer anything to our clients that hasn't already been carefully placed in select test sites and performed to our satisfaction. Oh and by the way, that means it really has to perform, we expect a lot!

So, once we have a product and we're sure that it works, we offer it to market through our wholesale, trade and retail clients; click here to see a list of who we're working with and where you can find our products.