April 01, 2020

How we do it

Sanlamere spends a considerable amount of time listening, listening to what people are saying about what they want and what they think will work for them. Equally, we listen to what is happening within the bathroom industry, at home and abroad. Working with bathroom industry specialists throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia, we really do know what's going on and most importantly, what's new. Even though we consider ourselves well connected, globally, it's our own small core group of directors and managers that personally seek out innovation and make the tough decisions on what to take home, what to leave and what to keep watching.

We rely upon industry leading professionals to undertake compliance testing and certification and have chosen to work with wholesale and retail partners that share a similar dedication to innovation and resource preservation; saving water and energy use. But that's all well and good, if, we are able to locate that illusive holy grail to bring home in the first place. This is complicated by the fact that even if we do make that discovery, we then want to go behind the product and look at how the manufacturer is designing it, building it, shipping it and selling it. Ah, complicated, the word that makes everybody think twice, it makes things harder, more difficult and usually more expensive. But then that's why we've chosen to do it, so you don't have to. By the time our products reach our suppliers, it's a simple matter for everybody else to choose the design, functionality and price point that best suits their circumstances. It's that choice that drives us to keep doing what we do, because if you're choosing one of our products, its making a difference, really.

That's how we do it and why.