April 01, 2020


Sanlamere (UK) Ltd is a unique UK based importer, distributor and wholesaler specialising in the sourcing and supply of energy and water efficient products designed for both domestic and commercial applications.

IXL Tastics

Sanlamere first introduced the Australian made IXL Tastic 3-in-1 heat, light and ventilation bathroom device to the UK and Europe in 2007.

IXL Tastic25 Years ago, Australian manufacturer IXL invented the genuine Tastic®, which has now become a true Australian icon. Sanlamere, as distributors of IXL products, now offer a specifically designed and developed export range of IXL Tastics.

The IXL Tastic® is a true innovation, designed not only to provide energy efficient light and direct instant heat by way of world leading infrared technology, but to revolutionise bathrooms by replacing bulky hot-water radiators and low-capacity ventilation fans. The IXL Tastic® is a 3-in-1 bathroom environment management system, delivering that little bit of Australian sun everyday to your bathroom, venting away damp air and providing an alternative low-energy light source. Developed by IXL in Australia, the Tastic® has become a major Australian success; today, one in three of all Australian households have at least one IXL product installed!

Australia’s first 5 star water saving toilet is launched in the UK by Sanlamere...

Caroma Profile 5 Integrated Toilet and Hand Basin

Introducing the unique and innovative water saving Profile™5 Integrated toilet suite from Australian manufacturer Caroma.

Profile 5Whether its world-class water saving features you’re after, or simply just looking for a smart, space saving toilet, Sanlamere UK have just the thing. The new Profile5™ Integrated toilet suite and hand basin from Australian bathroom manufacturer Caroma offers a unique combination of low volume 4.5/3L dual flush capabilities with an integrated hand basin – complete with designer chrome tapware!

Another Australian invention, the Profile™5 saves up to 70% in total water usage in the bathroom by recycling the water you use to wash your hands for the next flush! 10 years in development, this world class innovation is sure to make an impact throughout the UK – take it from the people that know all about water conservation!

Sanlamere take their commitment to the environment very seriously, after all, that’s why they were created as the world’s first importer and distributor set-up solely to search the globe for unique and innovative energy and water saving products for your home or commercial setting.